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HandBook for Schools

handbooks in 5 languagesYou can download the handbook for Schools “Teaching and Learning in the Cloud. Cloud Based teaching and learning in rural schools” in the links below:

Handbook in English
Handbook in Galician
Handbook in Spanish
Handbook in Italian
Handbook in Greek


Derived research products

In January 2022, the project coordinator presented her doctoral thesis based on the results of this project, which was awarded Cum Laude. The integration of cloud computing technology in the teaching-learning process: The RuralSchoolCloud Project. It was directed by the main researchers participating in the CSR Consortium, Dr. Beatriz Cebreiro López and Dr. Carmen Fernández Morante. The full thesis can be downloaded from here

2022. Article. Fernández-Morante, C., Rodríguez-Malmierca, M.J., Cebreiro-López, B., & Mareque-León, F. (2022). Computación en la Nube y Software Abierto para la Escuela Rural Europea [Cloud Computing and Open Source Software for European Rural Schools]. Pixel-Bit. Revista de Medios y Educación, 64, 105-137.

2021. Article. Rodríguez-Malmierca, M.J., Cebreiro-López, B. (2021) Innovation in the rural school. Cloud computing for the connected school community (La innovación en la escuela rural. Computación en la Nube para la comunidad escolar conectada) Conference Proceedings. La educación en Red. Realidades diversas, horizontes comunes (p. 496-7)

2018. Book chapter. Malmierca, M. J. (2018). Cloud Computing for Rural and Isolated Schools. In K. Koutsopoulos, K. Doukas, & Y. Kotsanis (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Educational Design and Cloud Computing in Modern Classroom Settings (pp. 376-394). IGI Global.

2016. Article.  Gómez, Y. N., Núñez, C. P., & Malmierca, M. J. R. (2016). Schools in theCloud Network (Rede de Escolas na Nube). Revista Infancia: educar de 0 a 6 años, (155), 27-28. Online access.

Our Software


We have created and packaged a software we have used in the project. It contains a kit of Open Source software, downloadable as a Virtual Machine, fully configured and ready to run.

You can download our software for free and install it in your system easily.

Check the documentation below:

How to install the software
Download the Virtual Machine software

If you want to see how the cloud environment looks like, as well as its main features, here we have some videos:

cloud desktop screenshot


Cloud desktop overview
Working in collaborative projects in the cloud



Video references

Symbios Initiative. Presentation of RuralSchoolCloud / Rede de Escolas na Nube. (2:51)

Excerpt from Spanish documentary: “Unitarias” (Adiviña Produccións) focusing on the project (5:56)

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